Sunday, July 25, 2010

The End of Save and Reload

So everyone seems to have left, but I want to tell you guys what I'm up to now. I'm currently working on a Tumblr over here, and I now have a Twitter over here.

I will still continue to write long-form stuff about video games if you care. If you follow either of those you should be able to find them.

So I'm sorry we had to leave you good people, but things will get better.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Save and Reload Podcast 19: Recoverycast / Two Spit-Covered Fingers

So we made our comeback, but don't call it that. Matty P and I were tired as shit, and MC Ryan OD was MC RYAN OD. I don't do the usual intro, because I'm busy sounding like a pedophile.


Here is MC RYAN OD's haiku

I played Alan Wake
Man that game is just ok
Gotta get those ghouls

So as you heard we are now down a podcaster. If you are interested in making the show a little less awkward send me an email and we will get you on this thing.

Another thing you can do to make this less awkward is to ask us listener questions below.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Guys! Missing Alan Wake Manuscript Found!

Yo! What's up internet? So I have been having a pretty bad case of writers block lately and my wife suggested that we take a little vay-cay out in the woods. Sounded alright at the time but all this crazy shit started happening. It did not really phase me much though. For some reason, I was just looking for thermoses the whole time. Anyways, whilst I was looking for said thermoses, I saw a shining piece of paper laying on the ground. It was written by the infamous writer, Alan Wake.

"So then three dudes came out of nowhere and started attacking me. But first the camera panned out to let me know this. I shined my flashlight right up on these dudes until they materialized and I could shoot them, which I did do. I shot them in the face. They disappeared after this. Then about an hour later, a licensed song that I did not really enjoy played. I personally think the Roy Orbison song that was played previously was much better."

Wow! What a great story! Alright guys. Hope you enjoyed this. Keep it real safe bros!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Regular Podcast This Week.

Due to my vacation and some circumstances I didn't forsee we will not have a regular show this week. We will be back next week and will explain things more then. We may have some kind of bonus show this week, but I can't guarantee one. Thanks for being understanding guys.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Keep Pollock and Schafer separate

If we're going to get off on the right foot, I need to be very clear about something: I don't play video games for their “art” and anybody who does is an ass.

I don't really care if anybody ever takes video games seriously. In all honesty, I have a hard time taking them seriously myself.

Don't get me wrong, though. I adore video games. I spent countless hours working Ken's target-combo-to-Fierce-Shoryuken-to-Super-to-Ultra in Street Fighter 4, months trying to free all the captives in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and 10 years trying to beat Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos. I've got my credentials in video games.

Take a look at those three games I just mentioned. Do you notice something about them?

If you're sharp, you'll see that they all have their focus in the right place: gameplay.

This is the problem with the “are video games art” debate. In trying to play up the artistic qualities, we ignore what we really play these things for and thereby miss the heart of our love. It's like trying to sell a car by only describing its leather seats.

These three games are perfect examples. SF4 has amazing style and fluid animation, Rondo of Blood's soundtrack is a standalone classic and Ninja Gaiden II's cutscenes tell a classic action story with a grim flair rarely seen in the Nintendo Entertainment System days. All of these factors are what we'd mention if we wanted to prove their artistic merit.

But what do we come back to these games for? The kickass combat system, whipping Death in the face and getting knocked into pits by those fucking eagles, respectively.

There may be art in video games. Metal Gear Solid's story rivals any narrative ever told. Grim Fandango's blend of speakeasy and Dia de Los Muertos was outright genius. But again, you play the game before you study the art.

The problem is that you can't play art. Try Linger in Shadows if you want to dispute that.

My point is that we don't play games for the pretentious aspects of it. We don't play because it looks good or because it sounds pretty.

We play because there's nothing better than pounding punks into mulch as Venom in Maximum Carnage. We play because there's nothing better than calling in that nuclear strike in Starcraft. We play because there's nothing better than swinging around and dropping grenades on fools in Bionic Commando: Rearmed.

All of you kids crying about Roger Ebert and the merit of Okami, shut up and play. Pop that monocle out of your eye socket and stop pretending that you enjoyed playing Killer 7.

As for me, I'm going back to trying to beat Contra 3: The Alien Wars on hard. With a little luck, I've only got another year or two until I get there.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Save and Reload Podcast 18: Spoilers

This week we discuss Games of the week, the aftermath of E3, and listener contributions. And don't worry about the title, we only discuss spoilers, we don't mention them. Except Super Mario Galaxy 2 but no one cares.


The song is In The Garage by OxygenStar as part of the 8 bit Weezer album.

We would have answered questions this week if there were any. We come on here every week to bring both of you a show and not even a single question? Come one now ask away.

Also at the end of this podcast we ask if anyone would like to try and edit me, into the Dead Space Extraction boxart. Its the opposite of what we did last week.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Yooooo! What’s up internet? This is M.C. Ryan O.D. aka (pronounced ah-kah) Tyrone Shoelaces aka Celery Crisps. A few weeks ago, via facebook chat, the charming Spencer Glass asked me to write and podcast for his awesome blog, Save and Reload. Well, I agreed to do so and I want to let all you guys know that I will try my best to provide you all with magnificent posts.
Now I know you guys all have one question: Who the heck is this guy?

What you guys might not know is that I am already a pretty big person in the gaming world. I am not, however, the biggest person. You all know whom that title belongs to, right? If you guys were thinking of Hamza Aziz, you would be right as shit! Why do I bring this up? Because I am his right-hand man! Don’t believe me? Well I’m about to fuck you guys up with some truth.

You ready? Alright! Check this out!

Here is Hamza’s facebook profile page from January 18th.
BOOM! There I am in the background doing it up really big with an Asian chick.

So yeah, I am glad you can all know I got some serious gaming cred. I am super excited to use this cred and trust that I earned with you just now to write some pretty sweet posts. So be on the lookout for that.

It was awesome introducing myself to all you guys. See you around!

PS. Cora or Mary, will you marry me?