Monday, July 5, 2010

Guys! Missing Alan Wake Manuscript Found!

Yo! What's up internet? So I have been having a pretty bad case of writers block lately and my wife suggested that we take a little vay-cay out in the woods. Sounded alright at the time but all this crazy shit started happening. It did not really phase me much though. For some reason, I was just looking for thermoses the whole time. Anyways, whilst I was looking for said thermoses, I saw a shining piece of paper laying on the ground. It was written by the infamous writer, Alan Wake.

"So then three dudes came out of nowhere and started attacking me. But first the camera panned out to let me know this. I shined my flashlight right up on these dudes until they materialized and I could shoot them, which I did do. I shot them in the face. They disappeared after this. Then about an hour later, a licensed song that I did not really enjoy played. I personally think the Roy Orbison song that was played previously was much better."

Wow! What a great story! Alright guys. Hope you enjoyed this. Keep it real safe bros!

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